My experience so far with my Nexus 5

My experience so far with my Nexus 5

So you're telling me theres free Wifi here? Well, why the fuck aren't you connecting then?

No i'm not there, what are you doing!?! I seem to have a GPS fix but this is anything but near my real location.

So yeah, lets just ignore that and reboot ...

Cannot connect to the camera

I'm pretty sure my camera was still attached.. Rebooting seems to fix it, but it will crash some time in the future ...

That is not the orientation of my camera!

I don't need the keyboard in my launcher!

#Android L Finally arrived for my Nexus 5!

I got this nice bootup message after the Android L update!

Android L was supposed to be so much better, except all the fucking app switching loading time

Random default SMS app crash during surfing and hitting my data cap!

Chrome wanted revenge for updating my phone so it took 300MB of data in like 60 seconds ...

So, what is this random text doing in the application header?

Google, are you even trying?

Update: I just bought myself a Oneplus One and I think this one is much better. Batterylife++, bugs--.